The Unexpected Gift

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At the end of November I participated in the annual Whistler Bizarre Bazaar.  I can’t say I made nearly as many sales as I would have hoped (considering all the expenses involved) but as usual the experiences made it all worthwhile.  Often it’s the people you meet that make it rewarding.  I had one visitor in particular that made my weekend.

After suffering numerous glazed over looks (I know that I also sometimes wear this look at busy events), a visitor stopped at my booth and carefully checked out all my images.  He said, “you mean you did all these?” and then proceeded to let me know a couple of his favourites. His comments felt very honest and endearing.

I gave him a bookmark and he said he’d really like the blank book with blackbird on the cover to draw in, but that he didn’t have his money with him.  This started the conversation about what he liked to draw.  He said that currently he was really into “graffiti lettering”.  I mentioned that it would be interesting for me to see his artwork too and he replied that he would come back the next day with his money and get the book. I texted my husband that “I just met an eight year old boy that made my day”.

At the time I was tempted to give the boy the book he wanted, but thought his mother (whose name was also Tracy, and was busy with two other sons) might not approve.  However it turned out that not giving him the book was the best thing.

The next morning when I got to my booth, I found a $10 bill for the blank book and my name carefully coloured on a sheet with big graffiti letters, done by an obviously very artistic eight year old.  He must have somehow convinced his mom to come back and then snuck in the back door in the morning.

Anyway, I always find that it is these small unexpected surprises that make life the most rewarding.  You have to pay attention to catch them!

06. January 2014 by Tracy Kobus
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