The Green House


The idea for this painting was initially inspired by local environmental hero, Ruth Masters, AKA: “Senior Shit Disturber”.  Ruth has spent more than half of her life annoying developers and politicians in efforts to save wild areas and protect animals.  She also donated a large parcel of her land to the Comox Valley Land Trust – Ruth Masters Greenway – which is near where I live.  Ruth’s house and property even seem to attract animals – it’s like they recognize her place as a refuge.

I also got the image for this painting from a building I saw in Paris as we were walking away from the Eiffel Tower – it had “living green walls”; walls literally made up of living green plants so you could not see the structure underneath.  It looked totally bizarre next to a busy street and surrounded by pavement and concrete.

The Green House symbolizes living with green ideals amidst a barren landscape of a society largely indifferent to protecting the wild.  Usually I paint on canvas, however, this is painted on board, the unpainted wood sides echoing the green theme.

This is how these paintings develop – drawing from a few different sources and putting them together my own way, until they take on a life and meaning of their own.

Does The Green House (or any other painting) have any particular meaning to you?  Or have you had a dream that combined different elements in your life to take on new meaning?

The Green House is now on display as part of the Hearts and Homes show at Art Alchemy Gallery in Courtenay.  I’ll be at the gallery on the last day of the show, Saturday, March 23rd from 12 – 4pm.

20. March 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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