The Drawing Habit

I’ve written lots in the past about the importance of sketching often.  I give homework in my drawing classes, encouraging participants to become self-motivated in their drawing practise.  Making drawing a part of your life makes you more appreciative and aware of your surroundings, something which generally gives you a great sense of well-being.

When I’m not around to ask if you’ve done your homework, there are lots of books and other teachers to inspire you.  I just recently took a life drawing class with Clive Powsey at the CVAG which I enjoyed immensely and in which I drew an extra ten hours than I would have otherwise.  There are other instructors all over our area who have a wealth of experience they are willing to share…take advantage!

The latest book to inspire me is by Cathy Johnson.  There are so many ideas packed into: Artist’s Journal Workshop

Here are a few quick ideas that I’ve gleaned from it:

-drawing with many different drawing tools; including using a coloured pen (instead of black) with whole drawing; and using sticks to draw into watercolour

-making your sketchbook/journal pages interesting to look at, by playing with colour schemes, drawing different types of lettering and filling a page with a range of details about the day.

-ideas for subject matter such as; daily events, family momentos, found objects, shapes of trees or leaves, your dinner – everything is a possibilty.

-thinking ahead of time what you might want to put in your book, or times when you’re most likely to work in it as a way of helping you get into the habit.

You will reap many benefits from making a habit of drawing, especially if you keep up a little bit, often over the long term.  Take advantage of opportunities that may come your way.  Sometimes it’s not which decision you make, but the energy and attention that you put into your decision that counts.

03. July 2012 by Tracy Kobus
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