Seeds of Light

The new mural titled “Seeds of Light” at the Tsolum campus at NIDES reflects the spirit of art and creativity in the Fine Arts eCademy program there.  As the rainbow on the left moves to the right it changes form and the kids become active participants in shaping their own world.   The stars play a prominent role as they represent the student’s sparks – interests that excite them and guide their learning in the program.  A bear and a crab look onto the scene while a raven is flies by with a pixel or “piece of the sun in its beak, reminiscent of a Haida myth of how light came into the universe.  

This mural was part of an envisioning process that the students were guided through to express what their school and the FAe program means to them.  Their input was integral to the design of a new logo, the mural and also the song, “Every Star” by Jenn Forsland (also FAe music instructor) and Corwin Fox.  Furthermore Shane Philip of Island Soul Films has created a music video filmed with the students singing in local places featured in the mural such as the beach, forest and mountains.  The new FAe logo is on rainbow coloured shirts the kids are wearing in the video.   The teachers in the FAe program also greatly contributed to this creative process at every level.

The 30′ long painting is on removable panels – I started painting it with the kids at the school, but then spent another 50 hours finishing it at my studio.  Once we were installing and varnishing the mural -my mom (photo below) came and helped with this part – Forsland directed the kids in singing their song “Every Star” with my mom and I as the audience.  It was like uniting song and painting together in one piece of art!


12. June 2017 by Tracy Kobus
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