Recent Work

This is a statement I wrote for recent show at a local cafe:

“These paintings began with exploring house shapes.  Houses and animals often appear in my dreams.  I read somewhere that in your dreams, a house is a symbol for the body.  Windows are like eyes that look out to the world outside.  The door may be where experiences come in or go and the rooms are like different states of mind.

Some of the houses I have painted sit in imaginary underwater scenes partially inspired by a visit to Undersea Gardens in Victoria.  I am playing with the idea of animals or the natural world inhabiting or surrounding these houses or buildings – in the same way that nature unconsciously inhabits our psyches.”

I mention Undersea Gardens because when I was there,  I was really struck by the seeming intelligence I saw in the faces of the wolf eel and the octopus in particular.  It was like a window into a world that we really don’t know much about.  I thought how wrong it was for us humans to assume we are the centre of the universe.

Two of these paintings will be on Silent Auction as a fundraiser to help protect our local estuary.  To bid on them, go here and click on “art for the estuary”.  These paintings will be on display at the Zocalo Cafe (corner of 5th and Cliffe in Courtenay) for the month of March.

28. February 2011 by Tracy Kobus
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