Raven Act at Musicfest

I created this painting for this year’s Vancouver Island Musicfest in Courtenay.   “Raven Act” is mythical scene where a raven dances on stage while in the background the Tsolum river transforms into a rainbow coloured crowd of people.  I’ve drawn my inspiration from several summers of enjoying Musicfest and also from painting on location there last year (see painting below).   I see Musicfest as one way for people to be reminded of their common humanity, which is expressed through the music and guarded over by nature.

“Raven Act” is acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 36″.  The price is $1550 and 100% of the proceeds are going to the CV Community Arts Council (which in the face of drastic cuts to the arts desparately needs support).  It will be on display at Musicfest (July 9-11) in the merchandise tent, along with prints and cards.

24. June 2010 by Tracy Kobus
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  1. Dear sir/woman?

    I am a Swiss anthropologist and wanted to get in (writing) contact concerning your painting of “Raven Act”. My thesis is about the raven and I wanted to know if I may use your picture here for a smal chapter in my doctoral thesis. I wanted to ask you also what were the motives of you to chose raven to depict him on the stage and what were the reasons of the msuicfest organizers to chose it? Has it something to do with its character, the trickster?

    Kindly, Gilbert
    PS: Please write me to my e-mail