Pure Process Class

Last month I participated in a Pure Process Painting class with Lisa Kirk.  In this class there are a set of rules (or anti-rules) to help you focus on the process of painting, not the outcome; such as, “painting whatever comes to mind”, “consciously breathing” etc… We worked with tempera paint on three large sheets of white paper, tacked on top of each other so the painting we did was person-sized.

We usually started off with a smaller “throwaway” painting, where we just painted wherever the brush lead us for 10 minutes….usually I just ended up so many layers of paint it looked like perfect rendition of a mud puddle.  After that exercise we would listen to a story or pick a set of words and start painting our big piece from that.

I remember at one point thinking that I had finished a painting before the alotted time was up.  Lisa gently encouraged me to keep painting anyway.  She was right, I ended up learning more by continuing past that point.

Now when I work I hear Lisa’s words echo in my mind…”remember there isn’t a finish, just interesting stopping points”…and also “your hands know what to do”.  Thanks Lisa for encouraging me to play and trust my own intuition and imagination more!

20. July 2011 by Tracy Kobus
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