“Two formerly plain, nondescript park buildings are now ‘must-see’ local attractions and showpieces for the local cultural community”, Comox Valley Echo, Sept 30, 2014  (about Woodcote Park Mural, see photo and Puntledge Park Mural – by Helen Utsal)


Shaw TV interview with Mary Ruth Harris at the Filberg Festival where Kobus was the Featured Artist for 2014; August 2014

“For Kobus, the key to filling the roles of wife, mother and artist is organization. ‘I set aside time to paint and I try to be ready to take advantage of any unexpected opportunities to paint that present themselves because life doesn’t always go as planned.'”  Paula Wild, Comox Valley Record, July 2014.  Read entire article here.

“Tracy has chosen to present her concept of environment and spirituality in an intense and lively manner that challenges the intellect as well as provokes visual interest….There is nothing subtle or subdued about Kobus’ work.  On the contrary, it is bold, complex and thoroughly invigorating”.  Paula Wild, Comox Valley Record, Sept 20, 2000

“Like most of Tracy’s paintings…(there are) multiple levels of meaning and experience.  There is a strong contrast between human made structures and the forms of nature, as well as a provocative assembly of straight lines and curved shapes”, Paula Wild, Comox Valley Record, January 15th, 1997

“Kobus…creates paintings of vivid but controlled colour and has an almost geometric approach to the interpretation to the forms she depicts….Swirls of earth tone are beautifully deliberate, a fine sense of balance in shadow and light giving the structures resonance.”  Joseph Ruttle, Comox Valley Echo, July 26, 1995 (Environmental Observations exhibit with Nick Raynolds at the Comox Valley Art Gallery)