New Year’s Resolution

I often have as my New Year’s Resolution: “to draw something everyday”.   Despite my best intentions, this resolution doesn’t usually last – but it does help discipline me draw a whole lot more.

I find it rewarding to record stuff from daily life; for example, drawing something that’s right in front of me, writing something funny that my young son Arlo says, recording a dream, noting the weather or catching whatever pops into my head.  The more stuff I take notice of, the more this adds fuel to my imagination and the more I appreciate life.  Maybe it’s also my way of making time slow down.

Lately I’ve been drawing in this quite fancy red vinyl book that I purchased at Monk’s Office Supply; it has a bookmark and elastic that holds the pages closed.  Red works well cause then it can’t be passed by unnoticed. It’s durable for carrying around everywhere and has this super smooth paper that takes artist’s pen really well as well as china markers (like a wax crayon in pencil form) which I’ve been experimenting with.

The other interesting thing about drawing everyday, is that you even may start to develop a style with your sketchbooks or journals.  The Artists’ Journal Workshop by Cathy Johnson shows many different examples of journals (see July 13/12 blog).

If I don’t draw every day, I know that at least I will work on the book until it’s finished – sooner or later.

below:  drawing of Arlo at violin lesson

08. January 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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