New Ideas

There is a quote somewhere that says:  many people might think of a certain idea, but few people actually follow through on them.  I was thinking of this when cleaning out my studio because I looked back at all my starts of ideas in the form of, for example, photographs or collages – and in retrospect I thought: “why didn’t I carry those through a bit farther?, I may have learned something more, or they would have been an interesting art project on their own”.

When an idea is fresh, there’s the excitement that fuels you to maybe try it out.  Once the idea becomes a bit old, or doesn’t work like you thought it would, you lose the excitement.  Also, I think experimenting with new media or ideas is just a way of warming me up to paint.  Once I have experimented with something else, I don’t need to follow through – it just gives me fresh energy for painting.  Having said that, I have one idea that I’m not telling about, that I am (hopefully) following through on.

As a painter, playing around with different mediums, taking workshops (even when you’re unsure if you’re going to like it) or just doing anything different, is important.  It is fuel for your creativity and will help keep things fresh and exciting.

Note: JK Rowling in recent webcast mentioned that telling someone a new idea may be the fastest, best way of killing it.

Do you have any stories relating to new ideas that you went out on a limb to try and either worked or didn’t?

05. November 2012 by Tracy Kobus
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