Myth Maker

MythMakerThis is a sneak preview of my new painting, Myth Maker, which will be in my upcoming show:  Hearts and Homes.  Most likely an image of a late night fire on the beach conjures up memories for us all.   I find fire to be a symbol for so much:  creativity, spirit or a connection with others across all cultures and ages.  I also often dream about fire when I am going through some sort of change or transition in my life.

I called this painting Myth Maker because I thought of all the stories that have been told around fires – and also of how fire adds an element of magic or a sense of the surreal to its surroundings.

Hearts and Homes is at Art Alchemy Gallery (362-C 10th St., Courtenay) March 8 – 22nd.  There will be a wine and cheese opening on Saturday, March 9 from 7-9pm. I will be in attendance at the gallery March 9th & 22nd from 12-4

Myth Maker, acrylic on canvas, 30″ x40″

05. March 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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  1. Love it !