My Decision

I’ve decided that I’m not going to do any teaching this September, to focus on my own painting and that I’ll revisit this decision again in January.  Eventhough I’ll miss many aspects of teaching, that sentence gives me a strong sense of relief.

I started teaching in 1998; I remember because it was the year Jack Shadbolt died and I was recruited by John Hooley to teach Community Education at the Jack Shadbolt Studio in North Island College.  Since then I taught two years in the Fine Arts Program at North Island College (drawing and colour, while Alan Burgess was on leave); and my own classes at various locations (maybe you remember):  The Muir Gallery, The Comox Valley Art Gallery (the old location on 4th and new), at a studio I shared with Pauline Conley above the jeweller on Cliffe Ave (by Bar None, at the time), at Atkinson’s Art Supply on 4th, at the Art Room on Rosewall Cres., at the Aquatic Centre and finally at the Gordon Ross Studio.  I took 2 and a half years off teaching when I had my son, Arlo – so that would make it about 12 Septembers that I’ve started a new season teaching.

I didn’t mean this post to be a trip down memory lane, but it has.

The reason for the decision not to teach this fall is that I find it extremely difficult to paint AND teach, despite my solid efforts.  I feel like I haven’t done any serious painting or exhibiting, well for about 10 years, and I’m not getting any younger.

Since I won’t be teaching, I think it’ll be a way to connect to others through writing this blog (since I enjoy writing too).  It was my intention to do this before, but I just didn’t have enough time!  I’ll keep you posted on this decision to paint “full-time” and the new things I create.

Photo:  Here is a couple that took my collage class at the Art Room about 7 years ago for a (I think maybe even first) date.  Now they’re married with a child…all the possibilities with art.

23. August 2012 by Tracy Kobus
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  1. good decision and i’m very happy and excited for you tracy. paint on! sherry palmer.

  2. I know you have made the right choice. Thank you for all you have given me in your classes. It was truly a gift! Can’t wait to see what you do in this next phase. xx

  3. Hey Tracy,

    You’ve listened to your heart and that is such a wonderful thing…it will take you where you need to go. I understand the frustration of not being able to paint. I have had so much going on in my life since our Acrylic Painting Adventure class last spring…that was the last time I had done any painting! I didn’t pick up my paint brush until this past Monday (remember the landscape assignment?, just finishing it up now). Oh what a relief to allow myself to be the artist again.! After much reflection , I am planning on leaving my demanding job in the next few months, and will perhaps work part-time at something less stressful. Closing that door will allow me to open another, to finally pursue what I feel I am meant to do. (I’m not getting any younger either ha ha!) I have you to thank for getting me restarted on this path. I wish you many happy hours of painting Tracy!


  4. A solid choice there Kobus. I look forward to new paintings in your near future! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. thanks Linds!! :)

  6. So happy for you Anne. This road may be more difficult in some aspects, but will make you happier! I know you can do it.

  7. Thanks Lynn. Having you as a student has also been a special gift.

  8. Thanks Sherry!