Love Letter to Courtenay


One of the things I’m most grateful for is where I live.

I grew up in Comox and my husband and I have lived near Courtenay (in the regional district) for eighteen years.  We have a strong base of family and like-minded friends here.  The surrounding area is the physical manifestation of all the things that resonate most strongly with me: mountains, ocean, rivers, large trees, trails, space and quiet.  I also find that many people here are open minded, have a strong willingness to support each other and value their community.  I think it is the combination of all these special things that give a place “heart”; they need to be protected and valued.

As described by a fellow valleyite, this painting is “a love letter to Courtenay”.

What makes you grateful about where you live?

14. February 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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Comments (2)

  1. the comox valley is abundant with the best that life has to offer. its the very best place to raise a family. lovely painting tracy

  2. Your Valentine’s painting of Courtenay is just great. I love it! And your sentiments — mine too. I and my family moved here in 1981 – after my husband died in 1999, I moved away for awhile — but had the good fortune to be able to return – and now live in Comox — Our beautiful Valley is God’s half-acre!