Living Through Dreams


I was recently very inspired by this multi-award winning documentary about a 15 year old artist named Innocente, which I watched at our local World Community Film Festival.

The documentary was a close and real snapshot of one girl’s experience growing up homeless (with her mom and two younger brothers) in San Diego.  Her resilience despite many struggles that would have gotten the best of most of us, was striking and directly attributed to her ability to make art.  Innocente is a born creative type – creativity directed her life and how she faced the world, made visible in the elaborate face make up she put on every morning.

Dreams are a big part of Innocente’s life.  She tells the camera something like: “You need to dream or how do you find your purpose, your meaning?”  She made a painting called, “Place of Forgotten Dreams” where dreams go that didn’t happen.  This film drew a strong connection between dreams and art which both come from our imagination or right side of the brain.  And for some, expressing or living through dreams means a kind of survival more important than food.

This film makes it very apparent that an outlet to be creative, be it through music, visual art, dance, writing etc., needs to be thought of as a God-given right and made available to anyone.

 If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.  Henry David Thoreau

The DVDs will soon be available to borrow at video libraries at Rewind Coffee Bar (Rosewall Cres, Courtenay) and Seeds Market in Cumberland.

18. February 2014 by Tracy Kobus
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