Lewis Outdoor Stage Mural

During the past couple months I finished this 1000sq ft of mural (both sides of a 44ft long wall) for the new Lewis Centre Outdoor Stage.  In total it took about 100 hours to do, including about 15 hours of help I received from two high school art students.

mural.13.inprogress (3)

I chose a simple graphic design for the location, with lively colours that complimented each other.  And I didn’t realize how appropriate the eagles were until people stopped to tell me that they missed the eagles that lived in the trees that were taken down for the Lewis Centre renovation.  I often heard the birds calling in the background while working there.

I wanted the design to stay simple because I considered that it was going to be a backdrop for whoever will be on stage.  The open space of receding trees in the centre of the mural is to draw people in, so they can imagine they too could fly into the scene.

mural.13.back.detail (2)

Some of the challenges in creating something with immense proportions were: initially drawing it out (I gridded it out from original drawing), choosing colours and planning what parts to paint when.  I discovered efficiency is key when working large.  During the process I also learned about different types of scaffolding and how to set it up (thanks to Marco from Straightline Painting and the Knappett contractors who were also working there).

mural.13.inprogress (5)

I loved the challenges of working on a big project and getting to meet some great people in the process.  It is so rewarding to have the chance to make a large blank wall come alive.

mural.13.inprogress (2)

mural.13 (2)


21. October 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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