Leap of Faith

Part of the Creative Process

In learning something new, or making a change, you have to be prepared to let go of what you already know.   You could also call it having an open mind or making a leap of faith.

This also means paying attention to, but not getting involved in negative thoughts (why am I doing this?  I’m not good enough…etc..).   If you made a commitment ahead of time and have had a desire to learn this skill at some point, this is enough reason to continue.

Having a “leap of faith” is allowing yourself to be vulnerable for a bit before momentum changes in the direction you are wanting to go (eg. to be able to draw what you see).  We have such a strong natural inclination to attach ourselves to a position (to avoid this vulnerability) so be aware of this.  You have to at some point take your feet off familiar ground to see what will happen.  And it’s not like you’re alone when you make this jump.  You have a host of internal instincts ready to guide you in these moments.  The more you use and trust these instincts the stronger they become.

When you think you can’t learn to draw or paint or change in some way, that’s ok, just don’t let these thoughts stop you from trying.  It may be that in saying you “can” do a certain new thing, you are taking a leap.

Reason is our soul’s left hand, Faith her right.  ~John Donne

12. January 2011 by Tracy Kobus
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