Painting Stories


Many people took notice about this painting over the summer. It sparked conversations about travel stories or favourite places to camp.  People even remarked: “oh, that’s so romantic”.   This painting is an example of how images (especially ones done with imagination!) can stir up memories, relate stories and also create feelings and emotions.

My own story about this work is that it was part of my continual exploration of “home” and “what makes us feel at home”.  I thought the impermanence of the trailer was a perfect symbol for our own fleeting existence when compared to the never ending universe, symbolized by the starry sky.

Funny though that while I was working on this painting I thought, “you know, we really need a trailer”.    My husband and I decided to answer an ad for a Trillium trailer on Craigslist.  Shortly after that I received a phone call and a vaguely familiar voice said, “Tracy, do you know who this is?, it’s your high school art teacher, Mr. Crouch; I’m the one with the trailer on Craigslist!”  Of course I had to look at the trailer after that.  When we got to Mr. Crouch’s ocean side home, he showed us inside the trailer where sitting on the table was one of my grade 12 art assignments that he had kept (from 1988!).  We had a great time getting re-acquainted.  And so, well of course we had to buy the trailer after that!

Now we are the owners of a 1977 Trillium trailer – more stories (hopefully romantic!) to follow.

12. September 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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