Giving and Sharing Experience


I used to think of my art cards as small affordable reproductions of paintings as well a way to get my work out there – which is still true.   However, after participating in a few outdoor shows and arts & craft fairs  I’ve been reconsidering the other purpose of cards, which is to simply share a message with someone.

Lately the imagery in my paintings (for example, the hearts) suits this purpose.  Someone who had recently bought my cards mentioned that the images on my art cards communicated something particularly meaningful that she wanted to say, but that she couldn’t find the words for herself.  Inside I thought, “this is exactly why I want to paint”!

Which reminds me of a quote I’ve kept for years, by Tom Hudson (art teacher), “Creative activity is more than a mere cultural frill, it is a crucial factor of human experience, the means of self-revelation, the basis of empathy with others; it inspires both individualism and responsibility, the giving and sharing of experience”.  And can be easily shared with a card!

05. December 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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