From the Archives: “Progression”


I painted this in 2005 as part of my “Water Series”.  A quote from my art statement at the time reads:  “Water always branches out to find the quickest route to the ocean – as if it is on a hurried quest to return to itself.  It is a reminder that our lives are also a cyclical journey where we too eventually will return to where we began.”

I got the idea for this particular painting from a small waterfall next to the Puntledge River, near the area that paleontologists found the fossilized bones of the Elasmosaur.  The thought that this huge prehistoric creature was swimming around in the same spot where I swim now, has always amazed me.

In this painting there are different coloured layers that could represent the passage of time or perhaps different states of awareness or consciousness.  I loved the idea of making the green little stick man walk out of the picture at the top into an unknown future.

This painting has hung on a couple friends’ walls over the years and I’m always surprised to see how much it enlivens and adds character to a space.

“Progression” will be part of the live auction at the upcoming 2nd Annual Comox Valley Art Gallery Masquerade Ball on Saturday, November 2nd at the Native Sons Hall in Courtenay.  Order tix at 250-338-6211.

28. October 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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