Festival in Home Turf

2013 (52)

I was recently a vendor for my first time at the Filberg Festival, the Comox event that boasts thousands of visitors and quality arts, crafts and music from across Canada.   I’ve visited the Filberg Festival several times over the past twenty years, so I was very excited to be a vendor this time.

I learned a few things over the weekend.  I signed up to have a two day tent on Sunday and Monday, when apparently the most buyers come on Friday and Saturday.  Also, if you choose a two day tent instead of for four days you are assigned a less than ideal location, in the parking lot on lower level by the lodge (I was next to the Girl Guide cookies).  However, I’m still glad I did two days to start, just to ease into things.

For me, one of the big things about the Filberg Festival is that is in Comox, just about 5km along the beach from where I grew up.  At the festival I talked to people who told me they sold my dad the house I grew up in (1976), others who worked with my parents, my chiropractor bought two prints and I visited with some long lost teachers and schoolmates.  I think since these folks knew some of my history, it created for them more of a connection to my art work.

Connecting to this “local” factor – recognizing, exploring or referring to the place I live in – is important to me and will always be an element of my work.

19. August 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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