Fertile Ground

Quote: Peter London, “The artistic process…is a powerful practice by which we can work toward the achievement of desired states of mind and work.”

Creating is about being able to keep myself open so that I will easily be able to respond to what is around me. In this case, I want to think of myself as a well manured and groomed garden bed, so that if seeds are planted, they will easily grow.

Creativity is about living in a way that makes my heart feel full. The more I am full (of love, inspiration, etc…) the less I have cravings and the more I am content with “what is”. It seems if you don’t open your mind and become “fertile ground”, you will never experience abundance.

Life’s journey may be a neverending quest to keep ourselves open-minded; fertile and consequently, free.

23. January 2010 by Tracy Kobus
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  1. This really hit home for me… especially how you put it in one sentence, "it seems if you don't open your mind and become 'fertile ground', you will never experience abundance".

    I'd love to use this on facebook, quoting YOU. Can I?

  2. Thanks Jen. Of course, but thanks for asking. Great to hear feedback.