Elevate the Arts


A couple weekends ago I participated as a vendor in Courtenay’s “Elevate the Arts”. According their website, “Elevate is FREE to the public and aims to break down barriers between culture creators and culture producers, to elevate the role of arts and culture in lives and to encourage us to use culture as a tool to re-imagine the future of our community and the planet.”

The first thing I noticed as I was in Simm’s Alley all day, was the lack of cars. It was remarkable to hear the steady lull of conversations and footsteps and also live music (not too loud) in background; these usually unnoticed sounds may have been amplified by the closed in alley space. It was so relaxing.

People seemed to genuinely enjoy attending the event. They were able to see the potential our city has to transform itself in a welcoming way. My experience in the alley helped me to re-imagine the city as more pedestrian centred and interactive place – one that would foster a heightened awareness of each other as valuable citizens.

22. June 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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