Cumberland Forest Scene

I just completed this mural (4’ x 8’) for the Village of Cumberland. It is going to be displayed with six other murals (by several other artists) in the Village Park next to the Cumberland Bakery.

I wanted this mural to feel alive and bursting with a variety of life, like the Cumberlandforest itself. Some of the flora and fauna I included were: several types of trees; fir, cedar, alder, hemlock, spruce; as well, daisies, columbine, foxgloves, vanilla leaf, skunk cabbage, salal, boston fern. Names of wildlife are: a singing Swainson’s Thrush (as an appreciation of all the musicians in Cumberland), crow, Pileated woodpecker, red-legged frog, black bear and swallowtail butterfly. I included the trail sign “Bronco’s Perseverance” (an actual sign and trail) because Bronco Moncrief was one of the longest running mayors in B.C. and also because that is Perseverance Creek in the corner. In the background you can see a hint of two Cumberland cultural icons: the Waverley Pub and Dodge City Cycles.

The new murals will be displayed in the Cumberland Village Park soon, at which point I recommend you enjoy them with a cup of tea from Tarbell’s and a local delicacy from Dark Side Chocolates finished off with a visit to the Cumberland Museum.

23. October 2009 by Tracy Kobus
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  1. i just absolutely love this for so many reasons!
    thank you and way to go!!

  2. this is magnificent tracy!!!