Creating from Nature: Adult Summer Camp

This summer I facilitated a weeklong of mornings, creating art inspired by nature.  Five participants engaged in a variety of exercises, including: sketching at Puntledge Park, ink drawings of the forest outside the Aquatic Centre, contour and gesture drawing from objects and photos and also painting in temperas using expressive colour.  The wide range of activities seemed to give the workshop that relaxed “summer camp” feel I was going for.

I found the workshop inspiring for myself as well.  It reminded me of the many ways I find to connect to nature which keep my thoughts and inspiration flowing.  I have since been sketching much more (taking less photos though) and my small sketchbook is turning into more of a “visual journal”, which includes writing.  I keep it handy and put something in it (nature sketch, memory drawing, painting idea, detail of a dream etc..) almost daily.  More on “visual journals” in the future!

Image:  Creating from Nature, Adult Art Camp, Summer 2011

01. September 2011 by Tracy Kobus
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