Beach Time

This summer I completed a painting called Beach Time. It’s inspired from a photo I took last summer of a place just around the corner of Helliwell Park on Hornby Island. What particularly struck me about this location was the perfect half-circle shape of the little bay, which was retraced in the line of the seaweed and also in the half ring of bleached white driftwood.

While painting this I thought that I love how nature “tells” us time. Rocks, very slowly, are made round and shiny by water, the tide line moves daily; sea and sky are in constant flux. In nature, time is marked by transformation. However quick or slow, the change simply unfolds.

01. September 2009 by Tracy Kobus
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Comments (2)

  1. this is a wonderful painting tracy, made all the more impressive when i read your observations.

  2. I love this painting Tracy. It definitley reminds me of home.