Art Saves Lives


When you spend half your life painting, eventually you wonder, “why am I doing this?”  If you’re a paramedic, for example, that question probably doesn’t pop up.  Painting doesn’t save lives, or does it?

Since prehistoric times, humans have exhibited an undeniable impulse to draw or paint.   This impulse is also very much alive in my seven year old son who has openly admitted he spends most of his life drawing.  It is evident in the kids I teach who easily gravitate to making marks and love painting.

Putting our visions on paper helps us to digest, understand, assimilate our experiences and ultimately it may even help us discover new ways of thinking about something.  I think that Tom Hudson, a well-known art instructor, said it well in this quote:

Creative activity is more than a mere cultural frill, it is a crucial factor of human experience, the means of self-revelation, the basis of empathy with others; it inspires both individualism and responsibility, the giving and the sharing of experience. Tom Hudson

Image:  Lifted Heart, 6″ x 8″, acrylic on board

05. February 2013 by Tracy Kobus
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