Art Outside in Summer

Summer has been very busy with house guests and enjoying weather…and watering garden and picking berries. Fitting art in is difficult, but along with summer comes festivals and outdoor events. When I get asked to participate as an artist, I’ll often say “yes”, cause I see this is a chance to fit some painting in when I might not otherwise. I was just painting at the Filberg Festival (for Arts Council) this past weekend and found I actually got lots done. The background music and noise was almost soothing and it actually helped me to focus. Also, since people would stop and watch, I was extra careful with my brushstrokes. So I will be doing this again on Friday, Aug 6 outside at the CVAG Plaza (Comox Valley Art Gallery on Duncan & 6th), from noon to 4pm. There will be another artist and a couple music performers also there – another chance to get some work done!

05. August 2010 by Tracy Kobus
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