In this painting I used the same subject matter (fish and houses) as my earlier painting “Never Leave Us”; however, this time I made the painting about twice as big. I find it difficult, if not impossible, to imitate the feel of an earlier painting. Each of my paintings seem to have their own character, despite what my intentions may be. Maybe it’s because I’m a different person ( mood, energy level, life events etc…) every time I work on something. Or maybe, on a more sci-fi note, each canvas possesses it’s own energy or personality before I even touch it.

“Abundance” has a more purposeful feel than “Never Leave Us” –  I think the strong title matches the high energy of the piece. I recently hung “Abundance” up in Rawthentic Eatery (was Zen Zero) and viewing it on a wall that was the right size and colour for it, was satisfying. (However, it needs better light – there will be some renos happening there soon).

You may see the painting for yourself and tell me what you think – at Rawthentic Eatery, 5th and England, Courtenay.  BTW, the carrot juice/almond milk/nutmeg drink is my fave – it’s like having a raw chai…delish!

Top image: Abundance, 36″ x 60″

Below: Never Leave Us, 24″ x 30″



09. October 2012 by Tracy Kobus
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