10 Ways to Kill a Painting

Sometimes we may not feel totally up to creating.  At these times, it may be best just to try not to undo any hard work we’ve already done on something.  Here’s a list I made, just for fun, of ways you could wreck a painting when you’re not feeling in good form.

Paint hungover or sick

Overfinish it

Don’t complete it

Use the wrong size or kind of brush

Don’t take a break from it

Take too long a break from it

Be too distracted with talking on phone, checking computer or making tea continuously during painting process

Leave it where the cat can use it for scratching

Don’t spend enough time mixing the right colours

Ask your husband/wife what they think about the painting

Do you have any more?

Image:  “Gerhard Richter is his own worst critic, destroying multiple canvases before his remarkable creative spirit takes hold, and the astonishing final compositions emerge”.   You can see watch this process in a new film, Gerhard Richter Painting, which I haven’t seen yet, but hopefully will soon.

Painting is another form of thinking, Richter

05. December 2012 by Tracy Kobus
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